Are You Prepared For Your Retirement?

We help clients create a simple to follow, flexible retirement income plan that can help provide the cash flow you need to live your ideal lifestyle and reduce may of the “unseen” risks that retirees face.


We help you create a retirement income plan that is easy to follow and can be adjusted throughout retirement as your needs change. We also have an expertise in helping to reduce the “hidden” risks that many retirees face (and many advisors overlook). The goal is to provide you with a predictable, “stress-free” retirement income year after year, without worrying about the short-term market swings or economic pitfalls.


We help you build an expertly managed portfolio based on your specific income and lifestyle goals. We create an investment strategy tailored to what we call your unique “personal risk number. This allows us to be laser focused on creating an investment portfolio that targets the returns you want, with a risk level that helps you sleep well at night regardless of what the markets do over the short term 


Many people don’t realize that entirely different strategies are available to those who are married, widowed, or divorced. Believe it or not, the job of the Social Security Administration is NOT to present you with all the options and analyze them. That’s where we come in! We evaluate your social security claiming options and help you figure out the optimal strategy for your situation. The goal is to show you how to help optimize Social Security, so that it helps maximize your retirement lifestyle goals, and increases available retirement income.


We help you create a flexible retirement income plan to help you prepare for the future and ensure you have the proper investments and strategy put into place to protect you and your family

Hi, my name is Steven Boorstein and I’m a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional and also a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD). Having knowledge and expertise in both financial and medical fields for over two decades has allowed me to help clients better protect their incomes and expenses in retirement, and even more importantly, help them achieve greater levels of financial independence. How do I do this? By building time-tested retirement income strategies that are both flexible and adaptable to changes that can occur throughout retirement… similar to the way a physician monitors your physical health and adjusts your medical plan over time.

Creating a plan to keep your retirement income healthy, monitoring it and adjusting things as your retirement lifestyle changes, and keeping that income flowing for as long as you live without the fear of running out of money… I call this specialized type of planning that I do for clients:

“The Retirement Income Rx”

With over two decades of helping provide clients with sound financial advice, I’ve developed a retirement income planning process that help addresses these important concerns that you’ll likely face in retirement:

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Our Solution: We create a tax-advantaged retirement income plan that can help protect principal and provide a retirement income stream that increases each year. The result is a predictable, “stress-free” retirement income plan that can be easily monitored and adjusted as life changes and your current monthly retirement “cash flow” unaffected by short term markets or the economy.

Concern 2: Choosing the best Social Security claiming strategy

Our Solution: We create a custom Social Security analysis to help you evaluate and choose the best strategy that helps maximize your Social Security claiming options. We recently helped one husband and wife client optimize their Social Security through a claiming strategy that will give them over $6000 more in Social Security payments per year for the next four years, then a higher Social Security payout for the rest of their lives!

CONCERN #3: Losing the principal we spent a lifetime to build, to stock or bond market declines in retirement

Our Solution: We have an expertise in investment management that allow us to create a well-allocated, diversified portfolio that is is designed to help grow your assets in good times and protect principal and gains in bad times. You don’t want to outlive your money, so our income plans take a unique approach to help keep the income you need over the short term stable, allowing us to focus on the long term growth of your income stream and assets.

CONCERN #4 Planning For Serious Health Concerns & Rising Health Care Expenses

We help you make potentially smarter choices about healthcare issues and costs as your health, and needs, change throughout retirement. From helping evaluate Medicate options, to showing you innovative ways to cover rapidly rising long term care expenses, we are here to help minimize the impact that future healthcare costs will have on your income plan and retirement lifestyle.

“I believe planning for income in retirement is much different than saving for retirement… finding an advisor with expertise in retirement income planning can potentially provide more consistent income to fund a retiree’s current and future lifestyle, reduce their taxes through customized tax-advantaged withdrawal strategies, and keep them from spending down unnecessarily on healthcare expenses.”

Let us help you create a retirement income plan that helps you live your ideal retirement lifestyle and protect against many of the “hidden” risks that retirees can face. Take our survey and let us help you create a “Retirement Income Rx” Plan that can help keep you financially healthy and independent throughout retirement.


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