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Services we specialize in

We specialize in every aspect of building out your sales funnel to help ensure new growth for your business.

Lead Generation

Generating quality leads are something nearly every local business struggles with. We will help develop customized funnels to make sure leads for your business are flowing in.

Increasing Traffic

 We specialize in driving targeted potential customers to your business and sales funnel. We find your ideal customer and drive them into your sales funnel.

Conversion Optimization

We examine every single step of the funnel, split tests and analytics to develop the ultimate game plan and adjustments to turn those visitors into customers.

The Marketing Funnel Process

See our step by step process in your sales funnel build out.


Analyze & Plan

We will analyze your current business, industry, and online reputation to help develop and strategically plan out your sales funnel to help generate new customers for your business.



After the planning process is completed, we will build out your funnel using a variety of tools to help craft the perfect sales copy, email sequences, ads, and landing page.



Once the funnel is developed, we will painstakingly go through each step of the process and test every possible variable to make sure your marketing funnel is running as smoothly as possible. Testing will also be done to see how awesome your marketing funnel converts and ensure you have the best funnel possible before launching.



The work isn’t done yet! We will continue you to optimize your marketing funnel to keep it that customer acquiring, revenue generating machine you always dreamed of. The online world is constantly changing, we are here to keep you ahead of the curve.


Scale & Report

 We found your perfect funnel formula. Customers and sales are flowing in, now what? We scale your funnel to the maximum your business can handle, helping you get the biggest ROI possible while attaining many new customers.

About local Funnel

I started Local Funnel on a mission to help as many local businesses possible build highly profitable marketing funnels. After years of owning my own local agency and  partnering with countless others, I became frustrated. Frustrated that hard working small business owners were being sold BS fluff marketing packages from these agencies that did very little to help their bottom line.

These companies sold you a whimsical tale about growing your business online with terms like “brand awareness” and “growth hacking”, while charging absurd retainers for being active on social media and occasionally writing some crappy blog post they made some intern write.

Local Funnel is not one of those places. Local Funnel serves one overall purpose – to help increase your sales/customers. How? By teaching and helping hard working small business owners like yourself  how to build a proper internet sales funnel. Local Funnel will help you with finding potential customers, bringing those potential customers to your sales funnel and site, then convert them into PAYING customers.

Matt Hawryliw Owner, Local Funnel


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